HONISTER CRAG (or Black Star)
2067ft -- 630m - NY212142

Fifteen years have passed since the publication of Volume 2 of The Mountains of England and Wales and in that time only a small handful of tops have been proposed as possible additions to the English list.  All failed the test and we were just beginning to think there were no more candidates when Edwin Gradwell and then Andy Moffat wrote to propose Honister Crag.  Our son Joe also asked why we had omitted Honister Crag.  But you know the biblical saying about a prophet not being without honour, save in his own country?  Well, we might dismiss our son (sorry!), but this had to be checked.  And they're all right!  Not by a paltry 50ft, but by 67ft, Honister Crag was checked by us in November 2004 and now takes its place as the 252nd top in England.

Just to celebrate having been on the top of the mountain we then went underneath with an exclusive tour through the Honister Slate Mine, emerging into darkness and a freezing wind at half past five (well worth a visit!).

"I'm sure I've been over it", you may say.  But can you be sure?  Better to go and have a look.  Happy hunting.

John and Anne

P.S. We went up it again in March 2005 in the company of Alan and Beryl Castle