2nd September 2006 DANGER - Manod Mawr North Top

S Wilby posted a warning on the Message Board about following our route southwards off Manod Mawr North Top (Walk 5.4 The Mountains of England and Wales Volume 1).  The quarry has been considerably extended since the book was published and so a wide detour is now necessary.  However we were concerned to read that there were "no signs or fences".

We have now spoken to the quarry manager and to the Snowdonia National Park.  It seems that there are some notices and fences, but obviously not all round the quarry.  The quarry manager agreed that in mist the signs would not necessarily be seen.  The official of the National Park said he would discuss with the rangers what action to take and would keep us posted.  We will update this page when we hear.

The good news is that apparently the quarry has now reached the edge of the area for which the owners, McAlpine, have permission.  So there are no plans to remove the mountain.  If you look at the latest Explorer Map OL18 you can see the Access Area has a hole in it where the quarry is, but the summit is in the Access Area.  It appears also that the summit is just within the Snowdonia National Park and so is doubly protected.