4th October 2006 Birks Fell - a new top
Birks Fell has finally made it!  The mountain was omitted from The Mountains of England and Wales because the latest OS maps recorded it as 608 metres (the old survey gave the height as 2000ft) .  Several people have since attempted to re-instate the mountain, the most notable efforts coming from Graham Jackson and John Barnard who lugged a precision surveying level to the top.  We have now spoken to the OS who have checked their data and say that Birks Fell was surveyed by levelling in about the year 1920 and its height recorded as 2001ft.  They are double checking as they have another record giving it as 2000ft.  So pending final confirmation from the OS we have, not just a new top, but a whole new mountain!

P.S. We will amend the lists on final confirmation from the OS.