2nd September 2007 A sad demise is reported

Cadair Bronwen NE Top Delisted
On Sunday 19th August 2007 a wake was held on the above top in suitably appalling conditions. In attendance: John and Anne Nuttall, Eryl and Rita Selly, Myrdddyn Phillips, Ed Humphreys and the undertakers John Barnard and Graham Jackson.

The ascent in mist and drizzle failed to dampen the spirits of the party and despite the conditions most resolved to visit Pen Bwlch Llandrillo Top en route.  Ed obviously enjoyed this so much he then spent the next hour up there exploring alternative descents.

Reaching the summit John gave a reading from the Book:

 "This top does not look or feel like a summit".

Eryl read his poem specially written for the occasion -

Ode to Cadair Bronwen NE Top 1989 to 2007

Some of us always thought you were
An insignificant bump
But for a few years you shone with the glory
Of being a Nuttall
Now, once more, you are nothing
At all
So it was with sadness that we climbed a mountain
But descended a hill


The champagne was then opened and Anne cut the cake after which everyone staggered off along the ridge to Cadair Bronwen - the staggering was of course because of the strong wind!

The Wake for Cadair Bronwen North-east Top