10 Jan 2013 Honister Zip wire rejected

Plans for a Zip Wire across the face of Honister Crag have been rejected again.  Chris Bonington to our surprise was a major supporter of the application and spoke at the enquiry.   He has now resigned as Vice-President of The Friends of the Lake District who were among many opposers of the scheme.

It seems that the Lake District is being marketed as "The Adventure Capital" instead of one of England's most beautiful places.   The crag is wild and rugged and, to us, beautiful.


Or just look at page 45 in The Tarns of Lakeland Vol 1.  for a pen and ink drawing of the crag.

If you want "Adventure" in the Lakes then stick to rock climbing, fell running, wild swimming or camping high on the mountains in winter.  You'll take home finer memories than a few seconds screaming descent trussed up like a chicken with absolutely no risk at all.