05 Aug 2015 Moelwyn Mawr North Ridge Top
In 1998 Myrddyn Phillips proposed this rocky eminence on the north ridge of Moelwyn Mawr.  "It has some very fine teeth" he commented. Having checked Myrddyn's survey, our measurements came very close to his, we were happy to add this new summit.

Well those teeth have just bitten back as, after meticulous surveying by John Barnard and Graham Jackson plus Myrddyn himself, the difference twixt col and summit has been found to fail the standard by 0.23m (about seven inches).

It's a sad occasion, especially as its membership of the elite has lasted for seventeen years.  Still it doesn't mean you have to avoid this old friend.  On the way up from Rhosydd Quarry to Moelwyn Mawr you pass quite close and it's well worth the minimal detour.

Please give it our regards.  If enough people tramp about on the col we might even lower it by seven inches - but mind the teeth!

You can read the full story on There is also a very interesting article by Myrddyn in the magazine Grough - see