How long does it take to take to climb all the Mountains of England and Wales?
Some enthusiasts have taken anything up to twenty five years. For us it took two dedicated years, though to be fair we were writing the books at the same time! 
Now there's a new record, for James Forrest, aged 34, has managed the stupendous feat of completing England and Wales in just six months.

James completing on Scafell Pike

Walking solo and unsupported his walks were often around 25 miles a day and many nights were spent sleeping wild in the mountains. 
James, a freelance writer from Cockermouth, Cumbria, reached his final summit – Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain at 3,209ft – on Saturday, September 16.

He said: “I'd owned the Nuttalls guidebooks for quite a few years, but only done a few of the walks.
The books sat on my desk for ages and, over time, the concept of an epic challenge to complete them all formed in my mind.
Doing it has been the adventure of a lifetime and a fantastic experience.

The guidebooks have been invaluable as a route guide and I've loved the way the challenge has motivated me to visit new places and have new experiences. Spending time in the stunning mountains of England and Wales has been time well spent and I've loved the freedom, escapism and solitude of being in the hills.

I'm one of those strange people that enjoys the pain and drama of a hectic challenge, but most people should take their time and savour every walk.
Thank you to John and Anne for the inspiration and support".

There are many supermen out there running round the mountains, but what impressed us most was sleeping in the mountains - wild camping gives you a whole new view, with sunset and dawn very special moments to savour.

James has dedicated his walk to  "Mend Our Mountains"