320 Raven Stones

"Interesting situations" is how rock climbers describe places that for most people would be terrifying. But at Raven Stones, high on the edge above Dovestone Reservoir, you can have all the fun of airy, rocky viewpoints from the safety of the footpath. True it's no stroll in the park, the paths are not always obvious and the scramble down is a bit steep, but come on, have an adventure - it's a great walk.

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LOCATION: Six miles east of Oldham
START: Binn Green car park on A635, toilets Grid ref: SE017045 Postcode: OL3 7NN

DISTANCE: 5 miles
GRADE: Strenuous moorland walking with a very steep descent
TIME: 3 hours
MAP: Outdoor Leisure - Dark Peak Landranger 110
NOTE: Not recommended in mist
REFRESHMENTS: Pack a flask
EN ROUTE: Yeoman Hey, Trinnacle, Ashway Stone, Greenfield Reservoir

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The Manchester Evening News

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