452 Charlesworth

Charlesworth was preoccupied. Children busied themselves in school and people hurried to the shops and post office, but no-one lifted their eyes towards Coombes Edge. This massive gash in the hillside, that hangs over the town like a breaking wave, may be a remnant of the Ice Age, but the view from the edge suggests a far more dramatic possibility. Up here you can see that the rim curves like the eroded outline of a crater. So could this be it? A remnant of the massive meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs?

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LOCATION: Three miles east of Hyde
START: Charlesworth, roadside parking on Town Lane off A626,
Grid ref: SK004929 Postcode: SK135EU
DISTANCE: 4 miles
GRADE: Moderate
TIME: 2.5 hours
MAP: Explorer OL - Dark Peak Landranger 110
REFRESHMENTS: George & Dragon
EN ROUTE: Coombes

This walk was originally published by
The Manchester Evening News

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