475 Formby Point

It was a scorcher. So what better place could we choose for a walk than along the beach? Formby Point is an ideal spot, with acres of golden sands, spectacular dunes, shady pinewoods for shelter and even unusual flowers like the evening primrose and the delicate pink centaury. But of the famous red squirrels we saw not a whisker, it was so hot they were all fast asleep in the tree tops.

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START: From A565 follow signs to Formby Point along Victoria Road and park in the NT Main Car Park
Grid ref: SD274082 Postcode: L37 1YD
DISTANCE: 5 miles
GRADE: Easy, but slow going through the sand dunes
TIME: 3 hours
MAP: Explorer - Southport & Chorley Landranger 108
REFRESHMENTS: Pack a flask
EN ROUTE: Sefton Coastal Path, Gypsy Path

This walk was originally published by
The Manchester Evening News

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