678 Whitewell

The stepping stones at Whitewell are magnificent. Yet they're so perfect, have they really been around for hundreds of years? Well, no, these are modern replacements, but here is restoration at its very best making this Bowland walk an adventure to remember. Good things of course come in pairs so there must be two lots of stepping stones. And there are, for at Stakes the river is crossed again. This time it's a shorter traverse, but do watch out for the middle stone - it wobbles. We spent some time on our latest visit in the middle of the river rearranging the stone and left it feeling much steadier. But don't be put off, there's a diversion via the road which avoids the problem. Still, you're all up for an adventure aren't you?

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LOCATION: Forest of Bowland, between Dunsop Bridge and Longridge
START: The Inn at Whitewell, please ask permission to park here.
Grid ref: SD659468 Postcode: BB7 3AT
DISTANCE: 6 miles
GRADE: Easy, but with two sets of stepping stones
TIME: 3 hours
MAP: Explorer OL - Forest of Bowland Landranger 102
NOTE: Walk not possible if the river is high
REFRESHMENTS: Inn at Whitewell
EN ROUTE: Laund, River Hodder

This walk was originally published by
The Manchester Evening News

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